Surly Wednesday- David Shares His Emotions

Here be a post from David, our all-around best/most appreciated employee (and our only at the moment, soon to change!).  He more recently attended an industry event with me down in PA, fell in love and the rest is history:



In October, Yellow Haus was invited along with other East Coast independent bicycle dealers to an industry event called Biketoberfest.  Quality Bicycle Parts (QBP) hosted at their new fulfilment center in Lancaster, Pa. This was QBP’s way of thanking said dealers for helping them become the biggest supplier of bikes and bike stuff in the U.S.A. ( Great American Dream Story… Wiki check it out). They did not disappoint. First night was a great dinner at the new facility with German Oompah band, beer, the works. The facility is really impressive, huge, energy blah blah out the wazzoo, a model of flow control management made to look, from the outside and to the neighbors, like the giant milk barn it replaced. The creators of Surly actually have a lot of sophistication.


I won't bore you with all of the details from the rest of the weekend except to say that it was spent in the Marriott Lancaster Convention Center eating, drinking, seminars, expos and, the point of this post, an entire day in the mountains with every Surly, Heller, All City, Salsa, and Foundry bike you’d want to get your mitts on with your choice of single track CX course or gravel road to fall down on.

I was super stoked about Ride Day because the Surly Wednesday was out of the rumor stage and had already been to the press at all the big bike shows out West. There were going to be Wednesday test bikes to shred on super fun single track!

Alex and I rode all day, everything, breaking only for lunch. We wanted to ride as many bikes as possible just for shits and giggles. How often do you get these opportunities?  I even wiped out real good with All City’s CFSSCX on a downhill where that bike don’t belong because I suck that hard.

I kept going back to the Wednesday, over and over, all day, like a palate cleanser, like it was already my bike. Like I liked it better than even the killer Salsa Pony Rustler.  I was hooked and I’ll tell you why.

The Wednesday is a fat tire 26” mountain bike that comes stock with 80mm rims wearing 3.8” Nate tires. It has a symmetrical steel frame, rust prepped and powder coated. Giant oversized, tapered headtube that fits anything and a threaded bottom bracket join the awesome-ingenious dropouts, dropper-post port, and a full quart of braze-ons…. this all go Robbin’ Eggs Blue do anything, go anywhere shredder.  The frame, fork and rims will accept up to 4.6’ tires according to Surly, but I bet you can fit a Big Fat Larry up front. The drop-outs are brilliant in that they allow track fork-end type chain tensioning for fixed(!) or SS setups, or two thru axle positions to give a 17” or 18”

chainstay length.17” tucks a 3.8” tire right under the saddle and you’re riding a fat tire Yo Eddy. Set it up at 18” and you can fit almost 5” K.N.O.B.B.I.E.S. 45 North seems to have aimed the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist at this bike, and as the rims come tubeless ready, that seems to me to be a sensible upgrade if you can’t just ride the piss out of what they give you at ‘68 Road Runner pricing.

We have not had much snow, but I have gotten a bunch of all types of riding in on this beast. Here’s what I have changed on my Wednesday. Swapped the, uhm, stem for a stem. You’ll see. There’s some kinda story, but I guess stems are the new pedal. Put on a sweet 40mm rise chromoly Surly Open Bar, a set of pink Oury grips so you know what you fuckin’ wit. That’s it. this thing is good to go. Hayes cable actuated brakes. Sram x5 no BS 2x10 drivetrain with thumb thumb shifters for us guys who buy our choppers at Iron Mike’s Military Surplus.

This bike is mint.  I love my Wednesday.   



We've got a medium and large at the shop, should you be tempted to add one of these to your collection.