Numero Dos- E-bikes

We have the opportunity to be a dealer for a new-to-the-US brand of e-bikes...which sparked our interest in the topic in general.  By and large we support e-bikes in a big way as they apply to the transportation cycling segment.  We've been a Stromer dealer for a couple of years now.  Their bikes are excellent.  Beautiful to look at, seamless ride quality and industry-leading from a technical perspective.

Stromer ST-1

Stromer ST-1

The problem, or I should say hurdle is cost.  The ST1 bare bones is about $3,499. Get it with lights/rack and fenders (Items that make it a functional transportation bicycle) and you're being pushed into the $4k range before tax.

Welp, just learned to never draft while in the blog app itself…lost an hour’s worth of writing.  Oh well, so I’m going to bang out where I left off:

Long story short here’s some reasons to give the ‘Ol e-bike a chance, it may take you by surprise:

WIND- Windy days on a bike blow real hard (see what I did there?).  Doubly so when you’re hauling a load or destined for hilly terrain.  E-bikes balance your output.  So it doesn’t matter if it’s blowing at 20mph and you have to bring a bag of heavy tools to your buddy’s house 8 miles away, uphill.  You’re going to make it there in the same time as if you were load-free, going downhill.

RAIN- Rain gear sucks, no two ways about it.  Especially when it’s hot out.  Same as above, the output balance is a real game changer.  No more showing up looking like a drowned rat (either from rain or from sweat).

SNOW- Similar in thought to rain.  Winter riding involves a daily algorithm of what layers to consider.  That formula uncomplicates itself DRAMATICALLY if you have the even output of an e-bike.

SICKNESS- Let’s face it, we’re all human and when you’re under the weather hopping on your bike for a 6 mile commute kinda sucks.  With an e-bike, it’s not so bad.  The fresh air might even improve your mood once you drag ass-outside. 

All of these examples are extra bonus happy times if you are car-light or car-free and you’re forced on the bike certain days/situations.

TRAFFIC- I feel a bit more comfortable traveling at or near urban traffic speeds (~20mph).  Everything seems to happen a little less dramatically.  When you you’re being buzzed at differential speeds of 20-30mph it can get nerve racking at times.  Also, drivers tend to respond better to taking the lane or merging for a turn when you’re closer to their traveling speed.

GRANT PETERSEN- Says that you shouldn’t get wooed into the murderous rocky coast by the sirens of e-bike land.  Don’t listen to him; he’s just having a tough time shedding the last of his suffer-fest persona from racing (Normally we say his words are gospel).

IT’S CHEATING- Don’t be a wanker, OK?  If you’re one of those self-hating train-till-you-drop Cat5 racers spouting rhetoric about how e-bikes skirt the purest forms of biking I can guarantee you three things:

1.     You’re doing it wrong

2.     You’re ripe for therapy sessions

3.      See #1

RIDING EVERY DAY- You don’t have to throw away your other bikes.  I still ride my other bikes plenty.  This frustrates me as much as the notion that either you commute every day of the year or nothing.  Enjoy the fruits of variety my friends, the world is your oyster.

Here’s to hoping this post has you considering why e-bikes make a lot of sense for transportation cycling.

In my original draft (that I lost) I had figured out a clever way to plug our friend Mario who owns/runs Natural Pet Foods on Clinton Ave.  I can’t remember how I did it and I don’t care to try and re-create that thought.  Go buy your pet food there, he’s real people.

Oh and here’s the brand, Blix, that we are considering stocking.  Comes in around half, plus a little, the cost of a Stromer.

Post-post editorial correction- Our apologies.  Mr. Petersen is indeed pro-ebike; with the exception being kids and trail riding (We're of the same opinion). Yahoo!!